Influencer Discovery & Mapping

Through a unique combination of technology and our team of research analysts we can provide you access to OUR database of curated social influencers across various industries, topics and countries. Within the platform there are uniquely four ways in which we can help you to identify/validate influencers for your clients /campaigns;


Ranked influencer lists

Influencer lists on any topic or community relevant to you ranked on reach, resonance, relevance and reference



Network Maps

Network maps showing the interactions between your influencer community



Influencer Engagement Targets

Lists of influencer engagement targets based on their influence, location, affinity, role and demographic.

Community Insights Reporting

To help you understand what your influencer community really cares about and how best to engage them.

Benchmark Reports

To understand your brand or product awareness and perception, relative to your competitors among your targets or wider influencer community.

KPI Measurement Scorecards

to track your Activity, Engagement, Awareness, Perception and Preference amongst your target influencer community.

In-depth Strategic Insights Reports

To gain deep intelligence on your campaigns, events and markets across the influencer community.
Understand how to improve your influencer relations and outperform your key competitors.

Customer Success

Every Enterprise client has a dedicated Customer Success Manager that acts as an extension to your team.
We are happy to participate in strategic planning sessions and regular program calls to help deliver the outcomes you are looking for.