Modern devices are getting smarter, there are already fridges that order milk and other products when you’re running low, soda streams that allow you to mix your drinks remotely via an app and smart scales that pair with wearable tech fitness trackers to measure your weight over time. It seems all products now come with a computer and an internet connection making it easier to control and automate our daily tasks, as well as collect data. Amazon just announced plans for their Dash Buttons which allow you to order a specific product when you’re running low. At the push of a button the new products are ordered and an alert is sent to your phone so you can cancel if you change your mind.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the term used to describe this connectivity between our “things” and the technology that facilitates it is called “Machine to Machine” (M2M), the two topics are intrinsically linked. If you’re interested in learning more about M2M check out our M2M Top 100  Influencers and Brands.

We ran an Influencer Identification on the IoT in 2014, but since then the landscape has evolved and new businesses have entered the market. Most recently IBM announced they will be investing $3B in building up their IoT business. Other developments include Parse (the mobile platform-as-a-service company Facebook acquired in 2013) announcing their new IoT platform, which sees them joining the likes of heavyweights Citrix, Arrayent and SeeContol. The UK Government also announced in its May budget plans to invest £40 million into researching the IoT.

The real benefits of the IoT and M2M have yet to be fully realised but we are already seeing increased mobility and efficiency in the workplace, saving us time and money.

Mapping the community

Below you can see a network map of the online conversation around the IoT. We captured data from 56,224 users. Be sure to click on the map to enjoy the full size network diagram in greater detail. A high quality version is also included in the full report that you can download by clicking the blue button below!



Top 100 Individuals

We looked at all the individuals engaging in the IoT discussion to give you the Top 50 influencers in the IoT landscape. Be sure to hit one of the blue buttons to download the full 2015 Internet of Things landscape, including a detailed network map to better understand the debate.


Rank Twitter Handle Name PageRank (Normalised)
1 @EdithRamirezFTC Edith Ramirez 100
2 @ValaAfshar Vala Afshar 78.89
3 @knowlengr knowlengr 68.7
4 @AdamThierer Adam Thierer 61.02
5 @DCgov Patrick Thibodeau 52.74
6 @Kevin_Ashton Kevin Ashton 44.71
7 @alvarombedoya Alvaro Bedoya 43.22
8 @timoreilly Tim O’Reilly 36.27
9 @tdav Tom Davenport 27.06
10 @simonlporter SimonPorter 25.68
11 @frankgillett Frank Gillett 24.77
12 @iotwatch Alexandra D-S 22.62
13 @pauldaugh Paul Daugherty 22.52
14 @uksciencechief Sir Mark Walport 16.21
15 @IanSkerrett Ian Skerrett 15.37
16 @thinkstrategies Jeff Kaplan 15.25
17 @psilvas psilvas 14.63
18 @RobertEStroud Robert Stroud CRISC 14.46
19 @WimElfrink Wim Elfrink 13.58
20 @davidrose David Rose 13.1
21 @jg21 Jeremy Geelan 12.82
22 @GiulioCoraggio Giulio Coraggio 12.61
23 @JonBruner Jon Bruner 11.09
24 @GilPress Gil Press 10.87
25 @rahulag80 Rahul Agarwal 10.48
26 @Sooraj_Shah Sooraj Shah 10.41
27 @danablouin dana blouin 10.28
28 @aallan Alasdair Allan 10.1
29 @gigastacey Stacey Higginbotham 9.54
30 @DougWFisher Doug W Fisher 9.35
31 @valb00 Val Bercovici 9.09
32 @ScottKirsner Scott Kirsner 9.06
33 @paulmadsen Paul Madsen 8.93
34 @CMDonato Christine Donato 8.83
35 @andysc andysc 8.8
36 @jameskobielus jameskobielus 8.71
37 @danvy Alex Danvy 8.51
38 @chris_rezendes Christopher Rezendes 8.51
39 @madgreek65 Mike Kavis 8.44
40 @RickBullotta Rick Bullotta 8.33
41 @tamaradull Tamara Dull 8.26
42 @cbcurran Chris Curran 7.87
43 @spoonen Sanjay Poonen 7.51
44 @rpasschier Ricardo Passchier 7.5
45 @alexscroxton Alex Scroxton 7.32
46 @cgiorgi Cédric Giorgi 7.31
47 @GaryShapiro Gary Shapiro 7.24
48 @junkoyoshida Junko Yoshida 7.13
49 @krbenedict Kevin R Benedict 7
50 @kartben Benjamin Cabé 6.92


Top 100 Brands

Here are the top 50 most engaged brands in the Internet of Things online discussion. Be sure to download the full analysis for free to find out where your brand ranks.


Rank Twitter Handle Name PageRank (Normalised)
1 @intel Intel 100
2 @Cisco Cisco 64.79
3 @ThingsExpo @ThingsEXPO 62.39
4 @gigaom Gigaom 50.5
5 @intlCES International CES 31.88
6 @Computerworld Computerworld 31.72
7 @sigfox SIGFOX 30.11
8 @Samsungtweets Samsung USA 27.94
9 @Inteliot Intel IoT 27.79
10 @WindRiver Wind River 27.22
11 @Things_Internet Internet of Things 26.39
12 @spark_io Spark 24.81
13 @iotattack IoT Attack 24.73
14 @MicrochipTech MicrochipTech 23.76
15 @arduino Arduino 22.77
16 @PTC PTC 22.39
17 @Estimote Estimote, Inc. 21.13
18 @siliconlabs Silicon Labs 20.97
19 @temboo Temboo 20.22
20 @Atmel Atmel Corporation 18.41
21 @IBMInterConnect IBM InterConnect 18.21
22 @beaconsandwich Beecon 18.14
23 @ThingWorx ThingWorx Software 17.77
24 @CAinc CA Technologies 17.49
25 @SAP SAP 17.14
26 @postscapes Postscapes 17.08
27 @govtechnews 16.84
28 @TheIoT Internet of Things 16.28
29 @InformationAge Information Age 16.18
30 @OReillySolid O’Reilly Solid 15.83
31 @CEA CEA 15.29
32 @DataInnovation Data Innovation 15.09
33 @techUK techUK 15.06
34 @NetworkWorld Network World 14.08
35 @CiscoIoE InternetOfEverything 14.04
36 @Freescale Freescale 13.6
37 @sc_seedhack sc_seedhack 13.28
38 @littleBits littleBits 13.18
39 @M2MEvolution M2M Evolution 12.95
40 @VZEnterprise Verizon Enterprise 12.81
41 @DigiCatapult Digital Catapult 12.63
42 @CloudExpo CloudEXPO ® 12.52
43 @MITSloan MIT Sloan 12.35
44 @wtvox Wearables and IoT 12.17
45 @Cisco_IoT InternetofThings 11.75
46 @m2mnow M2M Now 11.71
47 @MetraTech MetraTech 11.69
48 @wef World Economic Forum 11.67
49 @notion notion 11.5
50 @EurotechFan Eurotech 11.1


At Onalytica we love building these lists and want to give back to our loyal readers as much as we can. If you’re interested in other topics (such as Machine to Machine , Wearables , Content Marketing , …) be sure to have a gander on our blog or why not propose some topics to us on twitter? We also build some very cool software to manage all of these influencers. Get a free demo today by clicking the button below!


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