5 Tips to Establish an Effective and Scalable Influencer Strategy

by | May 21, 2014 | Best Practice,

We all know it’s not easy to establish a good influencer marketing plan. So we’re going to help you with that. Below is a document that we hope you will find valuable.
You will find some top tips that we have put together from our experience in influencer marketing. These tips come from our work with major organizations and brands over the past few years. If you’re looking to scale and improve your influencer marketing have a look at these tips.
You can also download this document as a PDF to keep with you at all times.


Onalytica 5 Tips To Build An Effective Influencer Marketing Strategy

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At Onalytica we conduct influencer analysis on some key topics such as Bring Your Own Device, The Internet of Things ,Wearable Tech and many more. We don’t only look who is influential on what topics but we also focus on the connections between the influencers. If you want to know how we approach influence and influencer marketing, try this article about influence.
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