Big Data is attracting increased attention these days and I had a quick look at who are the most influential stakeholders of the debate.

The list below shows the top 15 most influential stakeholders in the debate on Big Data.

There may not be many surprises. McKinsey is clearly getting credit for their recent excellent overview of the whole area.

Curt Monash (at #13) is the most influential individual.

Conferences play a big role. Strata Conference and GigaOM’s Structure conference draw a lot of attention and influence.

A list of the top 15 most influential stakeholders in the debate on Big Data. Influencer Marketing, Influencer Engagement, Influencer Identification

How to read the list (left to right): The arrow shows the most recent direction of movement and a star means they are new to the list. Example: NY Times is moving down the list and GigaOM is moving up.

Influence here is the relative punching weight of the individual stakeholder. Example: Since Oracle’s influence is about twice that of Forbes, communication on this issue from Oracle will have the twice the market impact than a similar message from Forbes.
Next column is Popularity, which is essentially a measure of how well-known a stakeholder is on the issue. GigaOM is the most well-known stakeholder on the issue, followed by NY Times and Techcrunch. So why are they not the most influential? Because those who cite those sources on this issue are on average less influential than those who cite for example Cloudera and Oracle.

The column Rel Influence shows how a stakeholder is punching in the debate, compared to what conventional wisdom (aka their popularity) leads us to believe. Notice how Curt Monash punches with 3 times the expected weight and Techcrunch punch below their expected weight. The explanation is simple. Those who cite Monash on this issue are, on average, much less influential than those who cite Techcrunch. Rel(ative) Influence is a great measure for identifying those who should be at the top of your engagement list.

Stakeholders listed: Cloudera, Oracle, New York Times, Strata Conference, GigaOM, ZDnet, EMC, IBM, Orilley, McKinsey, Wired, Techcrunch, Curt Monash,, Forbes.

The total list is of course very long (several thousand stakeholders have measurable influence on this topic).

Big Data is an area of natural interest to us at Onalytica, not least because we gobble up 100 TB of data per month, process it and make the aggregates available for continuously updated market intelligence throughout the enterprise.

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