Wearable Tech made a big impact in 2014 and is set to keep rising in 2015 and beyond with a whole new wave of fashionable products including activity trackers, smart watches, glasses, VR headsets, and smart bracelets being launched. 

The smart glasses industry alone is predicted to be a $6 billion opportunity by 2018 so it’s no wonder Intel have partnered with Luxottica (Oakley, RayBan, Georgio Armani) to develop new fashionable tech glasses. The wearable tech industry is estimated to be worth more than $70 billion by 2024.

In the smart watch sector Samsung’s Gear 2, Motorola’s Moto 360 the Apple Watch are all generating a lot of attention. Fitness trackers and activity monitors are also big news enabling us to quantify our sports and health activities. The demand for these products is high with experts predicting they’ll shift nearly 170 million units by 2017.

Also in development are smart bracelets that deliver notification messages and vibration alerts and claim to use projection technology to display a touch screen on your arm, although some have questioned whether this is actually possible. Virtual reality headset products are still in the development stages but are attracting a lot of interest with Oculus being acquired by Facebook last March for $2 billion. Other notable products include rucksacks, handbags and smart purses that have the ability to carry battery cells that charge our USB devices.

What brands attract the most attention on social media?

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Mapping the Network

At Onalytica we have analysed the online debate on wearable tech by looking at over 300K tweets to present you the most influential individuals and brands that drive the discussion.

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Top 50 Influencers  in Wearable Tech

We looked at individuals in digital health, mobile communications, strategy, analysis, design, innovation and electronics engaging in the wearable tech debate to give us the Top 50 list of influencers in the wearable tech landscape. Be sure to hit one of the green buttons to download (free!) the full top 150 brands and individuals.

Rank Twitter Handle Name PageRank (Normalised)
1 @Paul_Sonnier Paul Sonnier 100
2 @benwood Ben Wood 85.42
3 @tomemrich Tom Emrich 80.92
4 @GlenGilmore Glen Gilmore #SocBiz 72.22
5 @jgownder J. P. Gownder 49.27
6 @Brian_Eastwood Brian Eastwood 48.99
7 @zoescope Zoe Romano 43.41
8 @WarrenWhitlock Warren Whitlock 25.17
9 @bekathwia Becky Stern 24.95
10 @ManeeshJuneja Maneesh Juneja 24.18
11 @MarDixon Mar 21.12
12 @TimMoore Tim Moore 20.7
13 @kenekaplan Ken E Kaplan 18.69
14 @BillieWhouse Billie Whitehouse 17.32
15 @Hydraulist Steve Mann 17.07
16 @jcmeister Jeanne Meister 16.06
17 @JohnNosta JOHN NOSTA 14.2
18 @mounirzok Mounir Zok 14.02
19 @epilkington epilkington 13.76
20 @smoneill Shane O’Neill 13.51
21 @sonnyvu Sonny Vu 13.23
22 @kateuns Kate Unsworth 13.09
23 @fabiolalli Fabio Lalli 12.49
24 @alanlepo Alan Lepofsky 12.16
25 @Hinman Rachel Hinman 11.95
26 @stedavies Stephen Davies 11.77
27 @LizaK liza kindred 11.48
28 @karimkanji karim kanji 11.2
29 @IanMCalvert Ian M Calvert 11.15
30 @wareFLO Charles Webster MD 10.92
31 @rperezre Rafael Perez Revilla 9.95
32 @simonlporter SimonPorter 9.81
33 @ARstories H. Papagiannis, PhD 9.8
34 @AmyxMcKinsey Scott Amyx 9.76
35 @okalmaru Oskar Kalmaru 9.67
36 @steube Fred Steube 9.27
37 @rachel_arthur Rachel Arthur 9.16
38 @cabadie Cecilia Abadie 8.86
39 @srlake Stephen Lake 8.45
40 @DonnaKLencki Donna K. Lencki 8.13
41 @jchengery Joe Chengery 8.13
42 @mslaurensjones Lauren 7.77
43 @BrianVellmure Brian Vellmure 7.71
44 @JRBuckley68 Jim Buckley 7.04
45 @robinr robin raskin 6.88
46 @James_A_Martin James A. Martin 6.46
47 @KenOnHIT Ken Congdon 6.45
48 @emorycraig Emory Craig 6.33
49 @iotwatch Alexandra D-S 6.23
50 @Pedro_Diezma Pedro Diezma 6.23

Top 50 Brands in Wearable Tech

We looked at the key players driving the discussions in the tech community to provide the Top 50 list of brands in the Wearable Tech landscape. Be sure to download the full analysis with 150 most influential individuals and 150 most influential brands and market and product analysis.


Rank Twitter Handle Name PageRank (Normalised)
1 @intel Intel 100
2 @InformationWeek InformationWeek 60.14
3 @Pebble Pebble 27.35
4 @Misfit Misfit 25.41
5 @getringly RINGLY 23.87
6 @omsignal OMsignal 23.08
7 @WeAreWearables We Are Wearables 19.32
8 @wearableworld Wearable World 18.38
9 @wtvox Wearables and IoT 17.11
10 @gigaom Gigaom 16.9
11 @ST_World STMicroelectronics 16.67
12 @CuteCircuit CuteCircuit 12.76
13 @adafruit adafruit industries 12.6
14 @Things_Internet Internet of Things 12.22
15 @nymiband Nymi 12.08
16 @DecodedFashion Decoded Fashion 11.7
17 @thync Thync 11.68
18 @ChooseMuse Muse 11.02
19 @wareable Wareable 11.01
20 @KovertDesigns Kovert Designs 10.91
21 @SensoriaFitness Sensoria Fitness 10.62
22 @forrester Forrester Research 10.38
23 @WearableTechCon Wearable Tech 9.83
24 @LiveAthos Athos 9
25 @Plantronics Plantronics 8.91
26 @GoModev Modev 8.57
27 @dothingscon Designers of Things 8.34
28 @lumobodytech Lumo BodyTech 8.17
29 @WearableNewscom Wearable-News.com 8.06
30 @spire_inc Spire 7.88
31 @reworkpip Pip 7.73
32 @WearableTech WearableTechnologies 7.57
33 @WTC2015 Wearables TechCon 7.25
34 @wearableX Wearable Experiments 6.76
35 @Museoscienza Museoscienza 6.7
36 @MyLechal Lechal 6.58
37 @autographer Autographer 6.39
38 @Hexoskin Hexoskin 6.19
40 @STUDIO_XO Studio_XO 5.86
41 @BizTechMagazine BizTech Magazine 5.76
42 @ILoveMyPebble ILoveMyPebble 5.7
43 @NfcRing NFC Ring 5.51
44 @vandrico_inc Vandrico Inc 5.51
45 @Recon Recon Instruments 5.46
46 @slashgear SlashGear 5.37
47 @Atmel Atmel Corporation 5.29
48 @CrunchWear CrunchWear 5.03
49 @healthystartups Healthy Startups 4.9
50 @uxmag UX Magazine 4.7

At Onalytica we love building these lists and want to give back to our loyal readers as much as we can. If you’re interested in other topics (such as Content Marketing
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