Earlier this week we looked at the top 100 thought leaders within the Internet of Things (IoT) conversation on Twitter. Congratulations again to all of those who made the list (as well as those that didn’t – check out this article for our thoughts on the nature of influence and influencer lists).

This time, we’ve decided to look at the top organizations (brands, publications and other groups) driving the IoT Twitter discussion, and how they are connected with one another. 

Mapping the Network

As before, we took in all of the tweets using either the #IoT or #internetofthings hashtags, and created a network from the conversations. We then calculated the relative influence of all of the organizations in the network using PageRank analysis. Here’s how the top 50 are connected (click for lager image):

Io T Top 50 Brands Sm 01

The Top 50 IoT Organisations on Twitter

Large tech firms such as Cisco, Intel, Oracle, Texas Instruments and Symantec rank alongside media outlets including GigaOM and Computerworld, while a number of more specialist blogs and groups and smaller firms also make the top 50.

We’ve put together a list of the top 100 (including network map) for you to download and peruse at your leisure. See how your organization (or your competitors!) fared in the discussion.


Rank Twitter Handle Name PageRank (Normalised)
1 @Cisco Cisco 100
2 @gigaom Gigaom 73.13
3 @TheIoT Internet of Things 53.45
4 @AllJoyn AllJoyn 48.77
5 @intel Intel 48.15
6 @ShareThis ShareThis 47.25
7 @PTC PTC 39.35
8 @Computerworld Computerworld 37.48
9 @eetimes EE Times 30.01
10 @skynetim SKYNET.im 28.1
11 @arduino Arduino 26.77
12 @postscapes Postscapes 26.59
13 @AllSeenAlliance AllSeen Alliance 26.17
14 @SmarterPlanet SmarterPlanet 25.89
15 @SVbizjournal SVBJ 23.92
16 @temboo Temboo 23.81
17 @XivelyIOT Xively 21.8
18 @Cisco_IoT InternetofThings 21.66
19 @InformationWeek InformationWeek 21.51
20 @thingworx ThingWorx Software 19.91
21 @smartthings SmartThings 19.1
22 @Quirky Quirky 18.97
23 @Oracle Oracle 18.44
24 @TXInstruments Texas Instruments 17.98
25 @cmswire CMSWire.com 17.83
26 @sparkdevices Spark 15.97
27 @Qualcomm Qualcomm 15.97
28 @Atmel Atmel Corporation 15.67
29 @OReillySolid O’Reilly Solid 15.1
30 @Withings Withings 13.91
31 @sen_se Sen.se 13.17
32 @symantec Symantec 12.47
33 @libelium Libelium 12.34
34 @java Java 12.04
35 @EntMagazine Entrepreneur 11.6
36 @iotevent Internet of Things 11.14
37 @relayr_cloud relayr 11.14
38 @ARMCommunity ARM Community 11.1
39 @sigfox SIGFOX 10.75
41 @BuildingIoT BuildingIoT 10.37
42 @FTC FTC 10.34
43 @m2mtelefonica M2M Telefónica 9.96
44 @EELiveShow EE Live! 9.95
45 @NetOfEverything NetofEverything 9.91
46 @Axeda Axeda Corporation 9.83
47 @ARMEmbedded ARMEmbedded 9.68
48 @siliconrepublic SiliconRepublic 9.62
49 @Freescale Freescale 9.56
50 @adafruit adafruit industries 9.37

You can take a look at our other influencer lists (including Big Data, Wearable Technology and Content Marketing rankings) right here, or if you want to start a conversation, get in touch or chat to us on Twitter.

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