Annual IT trade fair Interop kicked off in Las Vegas on Monday. With the event going into its third day, we analyzed the network of talk surrounding the #Interop hashtag for the first two days to reveal the most influential individuals involved in the Twitter conversation so far (we’ll take a look at the event as a whole once it’s over).

Related Hashtags

Before we hit the influencer list, we’ve also taken a look at the top 10 hashtags used in conjunction with the #Interop hashtag:

Word Cloud Day 2 01

As you can see, the #CCEVENT hashtag (which refers to the Cloud Connect Summit taking place concurrently at Interop) is used most frequently in conjunction with #Interop, while issues such as software-defined networking (#sdn), mobility and the Internet of Things (#IoT) are also strongly related. HP and Cisco are the only brands to appear as hashtags in the top 10, as the two battle it out with their competing software-defined networking protocols OpenFlow and OpFlex.

Mapping the Conversation

Here’s a network map of the top 25 influencers in the conversation, showing how they all are connected. Larger nodes indicate greater influence, and vice versa:

#Interop   Top 25 Individuals Small 01

Click here for a larger image.

Most Influential Individuals

The list below was created by taking in all of the #Interop tweets from the past few days, creating a network from the stakeholders involved, and calculating their relative influence using PageRank analysis.

Though we’re looking at individuals today, we’re also seeing lots of activity from brands’ Twitter handles, with high-ranking companies including Extreme Networks, Cisco, HP and Alcatel-Lucent.

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Rank Twitter Handle Name PageRank (Normalised)
1 @ValaAfshar Vala Afshar 100
2 @MikeLeibovitz Mike Leibovitz 65.26
3 @TechJournalist Sean Kerner 65.14
4 @tcrawford Tim Crawford 41.48
5 @JimMacLeod Jim MacLeod 37.38
6 @PhilKomarny Phil Komarny 34.73
7 @randybias Randy Bias 34.04
8 @RobertNoel3 Robert Noel 26.88
9 @tameraRV Tamera RousseauVesta 21.17
10 @OhMyJet Stephanie West 21.17
11 @GTHill GT Hill 21.01
12 @mfratto Mike Fratto 20.49
13 @dchou1107 David Chou 19.82
14 @tddupree Tracy Dupree 19.49
15 @Interop_Andrew Andrew Conry-Murray 18.9
16 @krishnan Krishnan Subramanian 18.38
17 @GKJohnMarkIvey John Mark Ivey 16.77
18 @bernardgolden Bernard Golden 16.26
19 @colinmcnamara Colin McNamara 15.83
20 @JamesAlanMiller James Alan Miller 13.51
21 @babcockcw Charles W. Babcock 13.17
22 @mthiele10 Mark Thiele 12.77
23 @gallifreyan Robert Novak 11.81
24 @WyattKash Wyatt Kash 11.77
25 @radzima Ryan M. Adzima 11.77

Stay tuned next week to see who rose or fell in influence during the course of the event, and which related hashtags came to prominence during the event. In the meantime, you can see our other event analysis, including MWC 2014CES 2014 and IFA 2014.

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