It’s that time of the year again where +2500 marketers rush to Cleveland, Ohio to participate in the biggest content marketing event in the world. This year’s event was huge and included keynotes from well known content marketing legends such as Andrew Davis, Ann Handley, Robert Rose, Lee Odden, Kevin Spacey (woot!) and many more. We enjoyed the event as much as we could online and decided to have a look at who was truly the most influential marketer at the event.

The sessions we enjoyed most

Andrew Davis kicked things off with his killer talk on creating inspired content and how great story tellers create a sudden urge to act. The keynote was packed with great examples of brands like Lucky Strike, MTV, Canadian Club harnessing emotion and empathy that can get your audience to act even without a CTA. Andrew managed to tell a very inspiring story that resonated with the audience. His talk was a great success and this definitely reinforced his on- and offline influence and reach. Check out the recap on the NewsCred blog here.

We enjoyed the panel about the death of content marketing (what, already?) with Michael Brenner, Mark Schaefer and Marcus Sheridan.
This session focused on the evolution of content marketing and picked up the “discussion” that started back in January with Mark Schaefer’s Content Shock blog. We wrote a couple of lines about this discussion too back in March but let’s not spend more time on this and pick up Marcus Sheridan’s view on content marketing: let’s just all try to create great content to help our audience the most and in the best and most relevant way. If you want to read more about the sustainability of content marketing and other great articles on content marketing, head over to Michael Brenner’s excellent B2B Marketing Insider blog.

CMWorld Thought Leaders

At Onalytica we really like lists and so we have put together a list with the most influential marketers at CMWorld 2014. As usual we ran the #CMWorld hashtag (data from the 8th to the 11th of September) through our system and applied our PageRank based methodology to cut through the noise and identify the people that drove quality conversations and interactions. These lists are by no means the definitive measurement of influence (as we think no such thing exists), if you’re interested in seeing how we approach influence and influencer marketing, give this article a read.

The godfather of content marketing himself grabs the 1st spot (it’s the orange suit!) followed closely by Andrew Davis (opening keynote this year) and Jay Baer from Convince&Convert. Have a look below for the full top 10 and don’t hesitate to click the blue button to see the full top 100 (free!). Click to enlarge the top 10.


Cmworld Influencers Top10 Large


If you want to know more, you can get in touch, or just leave a comment below. We also have an influencer relationship management platform, by the way.

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