Onalytica Digital Transformation 2018 Top 100 Influencers, Brands and Publications

Digital Transformation 2018: Top 100 Influencers, Brands and Publications

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Digital transformation is the term given to the transformation of business activities, processes and models to fully leverage the opportunities of new digital technologies. The aim of integrating digital technology into all areas of a business is to improve operations and how they deliver value to customers, employees, suppliers, partners and stakeholders.

Onalytica Interview with Bill Mew

Interview with Bill Mew

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Bill Mew – Cloud Strategist at UKCloud Ltd Key Topics: Privacy, Cloud Computing, Open Cloud, OpenStack, Multi-Cloud, Govtech Location: Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK Bio: I’ve always worked in the tech sector, focusing on problem solving and complex communications. Initially this was as a Weapons Engineering Office in the Royal Navy and then as an

Interview with Ann Cavoukian

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Ann Cavoukian, Ph. D. | Distinguished Expert-in-Residence – Privacy by Design Centre of Excellence at Ryerson University Key Topics: Privacy Law, Public Policy, Government, Regulation, Privacy by Design Location: Toronto, Canada Bio: Appointed as the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada in 1997, Dr. Ann Cavoukian served for an unprecedented three terms as

Interview with Carolina Rudinschi

Interview with Carolina Rudinschi

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Carolina Rudinschi, Co-founder of IIoT-World Key Topics: Industrial IoT, Smart Manufacturing, ICS security, SCADA, Predictive Analytics, Predictive Maintenance, Cybersecurity, Augmented Reality, Big Data Location: Cleveland, Ohio Bio: Carolina Rudinschi, Ph.D.  is the Co-founder of IIoT-World.com, the first Global Digital Media Outlet dedicated 100% to Connected Industry, Industrial Internet of Things, Industry 4.0.

Interview with Caroline Wong

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Caroline Wong – Vice President of Security Strategy at Cobalt Key Topics: Application Security, Penetration Testing, Security Metrics, DevSecOps Location: San Francisco, CA Bio: Caroline Wong is the Vice President of Security Strategy at Cobalt. Caroline’s close and practical information security knowledge stems from broad experience as a Cigital consultant, a

Onalytica Interview with Sarah Hill

Interview with Sarah Hill

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Sarah Hill – CEO / Chief Storyteller at StoryUP XR Key Topics: Virtual Reality | Mixed Reality Storytelling | Neuro-Feedback Driven Narratives |  Biometric Driven VR | VR to Combat Social Isolation Location: Columbia, MO, USA Bio: Immersive media entrepreneur at the intersection of virtual reality, story, neurofeedback, and spirituality. National

Onalytica Interview with Alicia Asín

Interview with Alicia Asín

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Alicia Asín – CEO And Co-founder At Libelium Key Topics: Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Smart Agriculture, Smart Water, Smart Parking, eHealth Location: Zaragoza, Spain Bio: Alicia Asín is CEO and co-founder of Libelium, a Spanish IT company which designs and manufactures technological  solutions for smart cities and the Internet of