Interview with ​Andy Crestodina

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Andy Crestodina – Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder, Orbit Media Studios​ Key Topics: Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Strategy, Web Design Location: Chicago, IL, USA Bio: Andy Crestodina is a co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Orbit Media, an award-winning 38-person web design company in Chicago. Over the past 18 years,

Onalytica Interview with Nikhil Jain

Interview with ​Nikhil Jain

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Nikhil Jain – Co-Founder of Foreign Admits and Researchpreneur ​ Key Topics: Career, Personal Branding, Growth Hacking for Startups and Individual, Networking Location: Mumbai, India Bio: Hi, I am Nikhil Jain, a “ResearchPreneur” – an Entrepreneur with research as his core interest to solve more complex problems and to build solutions for masses.

Interview with ​Dan Gingiss

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 ​Dan Gingiss – Marketing & Customer Experience Executive, Author and Podcaster Key Topics: Digital marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing Location: Chicago, IL, USA Bio: Dan’s 20-year career has consistently focused on delighting customers, spanning multiple disciplines including social media, customer service, marketing, and digital customer experience. Dan is the

Interview with Lilach Bullock

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Lilach Bullock – Lead Conversion Expert | Speaker |Content Marketing and Social Media Specialist Key Topics: Digital marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing Location: London, United Kingdom Bio: Highly regarded on the world speaker circuit, Lilach has graced Forbes and Number 10 Downing Street. She’s a hugely connected and highly

Interview with Mike Allton

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Mike Allton – Brand Evangelist, Author, Speaker Key Topics: Content Marketing, including Blogging, Social Media, SEO & Email Marketing Location: St. Louis, MO, USA Bio: Mike is an award-winning blogger, speaker, and author at The Social Media Hat, and Brand Evangelist at Agorapulse where he strengthens relationships with social media educators, influencers

Onalytica Interview with Bill Mew

Interview with Bill Mew

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Bill Mew – Cloud Strategist at UKCloud Ltd Key Topics: Privacy, Cloud Computing, Open Cloud, OpenStack, Multi-Cloud, Govtech Location: Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK Bio: I’ve always worked in the tech sector, focusing on problem solving and complex communications. Initially this was as a Weapons Engineering Office in the Royal Navy and then as an

Interview with Ann Cavoukian

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Ann Cavoukian, Ph. D. | Distinguished Expert-in-Residence – Privacy by Design Centre of Excellence at Ryerson University Key Topics: Privacy Law, Public Policy, Government, Regulation, Privacy by Design Location: Toronto, Canada Bio: Appointed as the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada in 1997, Dr. Ann Cavoukian served for an unprecedented three terms as

Interview with Martin Bamford

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Martin Bamford – Founder & CEO Of Bamford Media, Chartered Financial Planner Key Topics: Strategic Financial Planning, Pensions, Personal Finance, Investment Location: Cranleigh, Surrey, UK Bio: Martin is a Chartered Financial Planner, Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and SOLLA Accredited Later Life Adviser at Informed Choice, the award-winning firm of Chartered Financial Planners in Surrey.

Onalytica Interview with Mark Z-Jacobson

Interview with Mark Z. Jacobson

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Mark Z. Jacobson – Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University Key Topics: Clean Energy, Renewable Energy; Air Pollution; Climate Location: Stanford, CA, USA Bio: Mark Z. Jacobson is Director of the Atmosphere/Energy Program and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University. He is also a Senior Fellow

Onalytica Interview with Taylor Kuykendall

Interview with Taylor Kuykendall

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Taylor Kuykendall – Energy Reporter – Coal – at S&P Global Market Intelligence Key Topics: Energy, Coal, Regulation, The Future of Energy Location: Charlottesville, VA, USA Bio: Taylor Kuykendall is a journalist interested in energy, science, policies, and politics. He researches a variety of news topics on coal companies covered by S&P Global Market