Last week, we published a list of the top individual thought leaders in and around the Big Data and Customer Experience conversation. Using our analysis platform, we analyzed the conversations and interactions around popular customer experience hashtags (#CX, #CXP, #custexp) in the context of the #BigData hashtag in order to surface the most influential individuals on Twitter. This allowed us to map out the network of interactions and visualize the connections between each person to see who has been influencing the conversation (check out the post for a little more background info).

Well, there are also a lot of organizations (brands, research firms, consultancies and associations) out there involved in the Big Data and Customer Experience sector, and we were curious to see how they stacked up against each other – so we’ve done the same thing with them, putting together a network map and ranking of the top 100 to see which companies are driving the conversation and getting their message out there.

Big Data and CX – Top 50 Network Map

Click here for a larger version. Larger, darker nodes indicate a higher degree of influence within the network.

In addition to leading the overall conversation, Oracle has a number of business areas within the top 50 organizations, including @OracleCX (3rd), @oraclesocial (6th) and @OracleAnalytics (34th)**, giving the tech giant a large presence within the debate. Rival IBM comes in fourth via its @IBMbigdata account, while SAP’s @sapcrm account comes in 35th place. Research and analysis firm Forrester, though slightly less influential than Oracle, is more central to the conversation, sitting in the middle of the network with connections to a number of top stakeholders.

**Note: In these situations it is always important to look at whether brand-related accounts (and even seemingly unrelated accounts) such as these may be skewing results through their association, a process we routinely go through for our more in-depth analyses. Though we have left all stakeholders in for the purposes of this list, it is nonetheless interesting to see where related accounts sit within the network map, and the impact they have on the wider conversation.


Rank Twitter Handle Name PageRank (Normalised)
1 @Oracle Oracle 100
2 @forrester Forrester Research 93.14
3 @OracleCX Oracle CX 63.8
4 @IBMbigdata IBM big data 48.29
5 @Loyalty360 Loyalty 360 48.05
6 @oraclesocial Oracle Social 37.54
7 @Verint Verint 35.24
8 @customerthink CustomerThink 29.79
9 @CXJourney CX Journey™ 29.48
10 @thebizcouch THEBIZCOUCH 25.5
11 @SDL SDL 19.21
12 @KANASoftware KANA Software 17.93
13 @Parature Parature 17.08
14 @InsideCXM Inside CXM 16.78
15 @ConstellationRG ConstellationR 16.56
16 @Capgemini Capgemini 15.81
17 @vovici Verint VoC 15.48
18 @PretiumPress Pretium Solutions 14
19 @JPSaunders JP Saunders 13.96
20 @CallCenterICMI ICMI 13.5
21 @contactpro Contact Professional 13.17
22 @NorthridgeGroup Northridge Group 12.38
23 @TullioSiragusa Tullio Siragusa 10.93
24 @Fonolo Fonolo 9.96
25 @NICE_Enterprise NICE Enterprise 9.6
26 @CXAlert CXPro, LLC 9.49
27 @E2ECustExp Accenture Sales & CX 9.31
28 @sdlinnovate SDL Innovate 9.3
29 @Teleperformance Teleperformance 8.19
30 @decisionmgt DecisionMgtSolutions 7.65
31 @CMOAustralia CMOAustralia 7.62
32 @confirmit Confirmit 7.4
33 @IBMWatson IBM Watson 7.38
34 @OracleAnalytics Oracle Analytics 7.19
35 @sapcrm SAP CRM 6.56
36 @SDLsocial Social Intelligence 6.18
37 @24_7_inc [24]7 6.14
38 @qmatic Qmatic Group 5.42
39 @TPDashboard Touchpoint Dashboard 5.37
40 @Empirix Empirix 5.22
41 @SAPNorthAmerica SAP North America 5.2
42 @AccentureRetail Accenture Retail 5.05
43 @McK_MktgSales McKinsey Mktg&Sales 4.98
44 @keepify Keepify 4.98
45 @WebhelpUK Webhelp UK 4.93
46 @Clarabridge Clarabridge 4.85
47 @SDLlocalization SDL Localization 4.8
48 @ideolonews Ideolo 4.8
49 @EngageCustomer Engage Customer 4.63
50 @OracleLatam Oracle Latinoamerica 4.48

How does your brand compare? Are you moving the needle within the Big Data and CX conversation? Download the full list to find out!


Don’t forget you can browse through our other lists if you want to see top influencers in areas such as Content Marketing, Education or Big Data in general, or you can visit our page for the latest rankings. Finally, if you want to identify influencers or set up an influencer marketing program for your own brand, then please get in touch
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