Big data has received a lot of attention in the past couple of years from major companies as well as online communities. This is not surprising as there are claims (and proof) that big data can solve big problems and transform entire markets in just years. 87% of enterprises believe Big Data analytics will redefine the competitive landscape of their industries within the next three years. Businesses like GE and Accenture are spending massive amounts of money in studies that involve how the cloud, the internet of things and big data analytics are changing their industries.

The “industrial internet” is projected to be worth around $500B in 2020 made up of the sales of hardware, software and services. If you’re keen to learn more about how big data and the industrial internet are changing entire market segments be sure to grab this report from Accenture and General Electric that contains plenty of insights and data! 

Mapping the Debate

At Onalytica we have analysed the online #BigData discussion by looking at over 400,000 tweets from around 80,000 users to present you the most influential individuals and brands that drive this online discussion. 

When looking closely at the map we discovered that there is a very engaged community of individuals (red lines on the map) driving the debate. On the other hand the brands seem to be less engaging and that shows that there are good opportunities for brands to create online attention amongst individuals that are interested in big data. Be sure to click the green button below to see this beautiful network map in vector format. (click on the image to enlarge)

Network Map Big data

Top 50 Influential Individuals

We looked at all the individuals engaging in the Big Data discussion to give you the Top 50 influencers in the Big Data landscape. Be sure to hit one of the green buttons to download the full top 100 brands and individuals for free, including detailed network map to better understand the debate.


Rank Twitter Handle Name PageRank (Normalised)
1 @jeremywaite Jeremy ☁️ 100
2 @BernardMarr Bernard Marr 70.89
3 @KirkDBorne Kirk Borne 52.77
4 @kncukier Kenneth Cukier 47.54
5 @kdnuggets Gregory Piatetsky 47.27
6 @Viktor_MS V Mayer-Schönberger 46.64
7 @ThorOlavsrud Thor Olavsrud 35.82
8 @bobehayes Bob E. Hayes, PhD 32.91
9 @GilPress Gil Press 28.88
10 @IdeaXplorer JR Reagan 28.01
11 @NeelieKroesEU Neelie Kroes 26.49
12 @JoeFindsTalent Joe Burridge 24.98
13 @tamaradull Tamara Dull 23.61
14 @setlinger Susan Etlinger 22.43
15 @MikeSutcliff MikeSutcliff 20.38
16 @jameskobielus jameskobielus 19.22
17 @BigDataGal Lillian Pierson, PE 17.88
18 @BerinSzoka Berin Szoka 17.85
19 @VanRijmenam Mark van Rijmenam 17.28
20 @lmclaughlin Laurianne McLaughlin 17.11
21 @babgi Gilles Babinet 16.05
22 @rahulag80 Rahul Agarwal 15.21
23 @JohndeVoogd John de Voogd 15
24 @Dana_Gardner Dana Gardner 14.62
25 @simonlporter SimonPorter 13.98
26 @DiegoKuonen Dr. Diego Kuonen 13.94
27 @mjcavaretta Michael Cavaretta 13.76
28 @jeffreyfkelly Jeff Kelly 13.47
29 @iSocialFanz Brian Fanzo 13.44
30 @TheSocialPitt David Pittman 13.34
31 @rwang0 R Ray Wang (王瑞光) 13.21
32 @ocdqblog Jim Harris 12.09
33 @Doug_Laney Doug Laney 11.82
34 @philsimon Phil Simon 11.69
35 @schmarzo Bill Schmarzo 11.2
36 @mgualtieri Mike Gualtieri 10.99
37 @ValaAfshar Vala Afshar 10.29
38 @data_nerd Carla Gentry 9.93
39 @mchui Michael Chui 9.9
40 @Inhicho Inhi Cho Suh 9.69
41 @dcapuan0 Dave Capuano 9.38
42 @LouisColumbus Louis Columbus 9.35
43 @michelinecasey Micheline Casey 8.79
44 @mac_devine Mac Devine 8.57
45 @timoelliott Timo Elliott 8.27
46 @danielnewmanUV Daniel Newman 8.08
47 @Claudia_Imhoff Claudia Imhoff 8.08
48 @bakercom1 Pam Baker 8.05
49 @merv Merv Adrian 7.88
50 @JulieBrillFTC JulieBrillFTC 7.86


Top 50 Influential Brands

We found a number of well know brands being influential in the big data debate. Companies like Cloudera, IBM, Teradata, Tableau and many more rank among the most influential. We also found institutions such as the World Bank and events such as the World Economic Forum and a certain number of publications like Information Week and Be sure to grab the full report to see who ranks 51-100 and find your brand amongst the top influencers.


Rank Twitter Handle Name PageRank (Normalised)
1 @IBMbigdata IBM big data 100
2 @BigDataExpo BigDataEXPO ® 95.41
3 @CIOonline 89.53
4 @WorldBank World Bank 82.16
5 @cloudera Cloudera 79.73
6 @Teradata Teradata 73.65
7 @Accenture Accenture 72.17
8 @strataconf O’Reilly Strata 59.97
9 @InformationWeek InformationWeek 57.91
10 @SmartDataCo SmartData Collective 56.89
11 @tableau Tableau Software 54.59
12 @TechFTC Tech@FTC 52.1
13 @mapr MapR Technologies 46.36
14 @Gartner_inc Gartner 45.49
15 @Oracle Oracle 42.42
16 @hortonworks Hortonworks 41.61
17 @ISpeakAnalytics Accenture Analytics 40.05
18 @qubole Qubole 39.6
19 @Datafloq Datafloq 37.63
20 @generalelectric General Electric 37.15
21 @worldbankdata World Bank Data 36.9
22 @OracleAnalytics Oracle Analytics 36.07
23 @cmswire 35.99
24 @wef World Economic Forum 35.69
25 @DataStax DataStax 34.93
26 @forrester Forrester Research 32.69
27 @SAP SAP 30.28
28 @FTC FTC 30.2
29 @splunk Splunk 29.78
30 @DZone DZone 29.41
31 @CloudExpo CloudEXPO ® 28.39
32 @datanami Datanami 27.34
33 @HP HP 25.86
34 @IBMWatson IBM Watson 25.35
35 @Umbel Umbel 24.43
36 @MarkLogic MarkLogic 24.03
37 @InformaticaCorp Informatica Corp. 23.78
38 @Datamation 23.52
39 @SiliconANGLE SiliconANGLE 23.31
40 @analyticbridge Big Data Science 23.15
41 @Wharton The Wharton School 22.84
42 @UNGlobalPulse Global Pulse 21.98
43 @adage Ad Age 21.33
44 @ThingsExpo @ThingsEXPO 21.09
45 @ITBusinessEdge IT Business Edge 20.91
46 @orange Orange 20.06
47 @awscloud Amazon Web Services 19.59
48 @Rackspace Rackspace 18.8
49 @cloud_comp_news Cloud Computing News 18.39
50 @Capgemini Capgemini 17.32


At Onalytica we love building these lists and want to give back to our loyal readers as much as we can. If you’re interested in other topics (such as Content Marketing, Wearables, Machine to Machine, Internet of Things …) be sure to have a gander on our blog or why not propose some topics to us on twitter? We also build some very cool software to manage all of these influencers and you can get a free demo at any time by clicking the button below.


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