Next Generation Research

Together with Oliver Harcourt from Samsung Electronics Europe, I will be presenting at WARC’s Next Generation Research conference, Thursday 17th January 2013.

I’m excited about this conference because it focuses on ways of staying ahead with innovating digital approaches to market research.

Our presentation is titled “Using the digital debate in real-time to drive insight led strategy and execution” and focuses on 4 main issues:

  • Why a new approach was needed for Samsung Europe to make a continuous, real-time loop between the digital debate and action.
  • Finding the right tools to tap into the online debate, identify influencers and move from listening to analysis to insight, plus overcoming implementation challenges.
  • Influencing communications and business strategy with instant market feedback on how sentiment is driving brand perception.
  • Refining the solution for the next stage.

I am looking forward to a great day!

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